Kalinago is an Arawakan language that is indigenous to the island of St. Vincent as well as the Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean region. The language is known in the literature by many names such as Island Carib, Igneri and others. 

The Kalinago Living Dictionary was started in 2021 by two Kalinago descendants: Denise Defreitas (Canada) and her sister Heddie Osment (UK), in collaboration with Anna Luisa Daigneault at Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages in the US. This digital project is currently under construction; the first batch of lexical data was imported in August 2021. The data in the dictionary was compiled by Denise Defreitas over several years based on historical documents and essays written about the Kalinago. The next phase of research will be to dig into documents written by French colonial historians who were allies of the Kalinago.


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