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This dictionary is a joint effort of native speakers and international linguists. It is part of a collaborative documentation project of Htanaw, an endangered Austroasiatic language of southern Shan State, Myanmar. The project was initiated in 2019 in Kalaw, Myanmar, and is maintained by native speakers together with an international team of linguists based in Thailand and Switzerland.

The dictionary is managed by: Mathias Jenny, researcher at Chiang Mai University, Thailand; Han Tin, Chiang Mai University/Htanaw Youth Group; Rachel Weymuth, Myanmar Cultures and Languages Support (MCL), Switzerland; Alexandra Herdeg, Myanmar Cultures and Languages Support (MCL), Switzerland/University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Additional contributors from the language community include Kyaw Zan, Sein Win, and Soe Maung.

Etymologies are given under the label "scientific name" and indicate whether a word is assumed to be inherited from proto-Palaungic (proto-PaL. as reconstructed by Paul Sidwell 2015), other Austroasiatic (AA). Loans from Burmese (Burm), Shan, Pa'O, and other languages are indicatec as such where there is enough evidence available.

The bulk of entries is from Taung Poe Hla (TPH). Other dialect forms will be added as new data becomes available.

More entries, examples, and audio files are added continuously. Designing the orthography and the analysis of the phonology and grammar are work in progress. Updates will be made regularly. Entries marked with ?? are preliminary and need to be checked or completed.

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Original recordings and transcripts are available at SWISSUbase.

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Fieldwork was conducted in collaboration with the Anthropology Department of Mandalay University, Myanmar and the Department of Comparative Linguistics, University of Zurich, Switzerland. The project is supported by the Humanities Faculty, Chiang Mai University, Thailand.