Badhani is spoken by the people in Tharali block of Chamoli district of Uttrakhand. It is spoken in the areas adjoining the Kumaon border.



Badhani in it's pure form is intelligible to the dialects of Almora, Pauri and Bageshwar districts.

Intelligibility between Badhani and other dialects varies inversely with the distance between their respective regions. As a result of which intelligibility decreases between Badhani and Tehriyali which further decreases between Badhani and Rawanlti. 

There is very less intelligibility between Badhani and Bangaani.


Current Status 

Badhani is said to have last studied by British Linguist GA Grierson om the year 1909. Currently Badhani has no independent status and is placed under Garhwali which is itself placed under Hindi.