This dictionary is being produced in the hope that our language may be preserved and enhanced for current and future use. My thanks is to my ancestors for preserving us as a people and the current generations for being here. It is a distinct privilege to work with you and for you in the effort to preserve our Conestoga Language and Conestoga Culture. As Principle Chief of the Cherokee Wilma Mankiller noted, "A people with its language still has their culture." I agree with the Principle Chief and hope that generations of Conestoga people will experience our unique viewpoint on the world as they continue Conestoga Language and Culture. We are still here. May that be until the end of time. The following is our web-site, which provides up-dated posts: https://conestogalanguageandculture.business.site/. You can copy and paste the web-link into a browser and look at our web-site that way. ᏮᏚ_